This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Microscopic analysis of the composition driven spin-reorientation transition in Ni$_{x}$Pd$_{1−x}$/Cu(001)
Gottlob, Daniel (Corresponding author)
Doğanay, Hatice / Nickel, Florian / Cramm, Stefan / Krug, Ingo / Nemšák, Slavomír / Schneider, Claus M.
Elektronische Eigenschaften; PGI-6
Ultramicroscopy, 159 (2015) 3, S. 503 - 507
Amsterdam Elsevier Science 2015
Journal Article
Controlling Spin-Based Phenomena
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The spin-reorientation transition (SRT) in epitaxial NixPd1−x/Cu(001)NixPd1−x/Cu(001) is studied by photoemission microscopy utilizing the X-ray magnetic circular dichroism effect at the Ni L2,3L2,3 edge. In a composition/thickness wedged geometry, a composition driven SRT could be observed between 37 ML and 60 ML, and 0 and 38% of Pd. Microspectroscopy in combination with azimuthal sample rotation confirms a magnetization preference changing from the [001] to an in-plane easy axis. At this increased thickness, the domain patterns arrange comparable to SRTs in ultrathin films. The images document domains equivalent to a canted state SRT, at which an additional effect of in-plane anisotropies could be identified.