This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

3D Surface Reconstruction of Plant Seeds by Volume Carving
Roussel, Johanna (Corresponding author)
Fischbach, Andreas / Jahnke, Siegfried / Scharr, Hanno
Pflanzenwissenschaften; IBG-2
Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping 2015, Swansea (UK), 2015-09-10 - 2015-09-10
Contribution to a conference proceedings
Plant Science
We describe a method for 3D reconstruction of plant seed surfaces, focusing on small seeds with diameters as small as 200µm. The method considers robotized systems allowing single seed handling in order to rotate a single seed in front of a camera. Even though such systems feature high position repeatability, at sub-millimeter object scales, camera pose variations have to be compensated. We do this by robustly estimating the tool center point from each acquired image. 3D reconstruction can then be performed by a simple shape-from-silhouette approach. In experiments we investigate runtimes, theachieved accuracy, and show as a proof of principle that the proposed method is well sufficient for 3D seed phenotyping purposes.