This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Optical properties of strain-compensated CdSe/ZnSe/(Zn,Mg)Se quantum well microdisks
Ruth, M.
Finke, A. / Schmidt, G. / Reuter, D. / Scholz, S. / Ludwig, A. / Wieck, A. D. / Pawlis, A. (Corresponding author)
Halbleiter-Nanoelektronik; PGI-9
Optics express, 23 (2015) 22, S. 29079 -
Washington, DC Soc. 2015
Journal Article
Controlling Configuration-Based Phenomena
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
Strain-compensated CdSe/ZnSe/(Zn,Mg)Se quantum well structures that were grown on (In,Ga)As allow for efficient room-temperature photoluminescence and spectral tuning over the whole visible range. We fabricated microdisk cavities from these samples by making use of a challenging chemical structuring technique for selective and homogeneous removal of the (In,Ga)As sacrificial layer below the quantum structure. The observed whispering gallery modes in our microdisks are mainly visible up to photon energies of ~ 2.3 eV due to strong self-absorption. As extinction coefficients and effective refractive indices are dominated by the quantum well material CdSe, thick quantum wells (> 3 monolayer) are necessary to observe resonances in the corresponding quantum well emission.