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Trimmomatic: a flexible trimmer for Illumina sequence data
Bolger, A. M.
Lohse, M. / Usadel, Björn (Corresponding author)
Pflanzenwissenschaften; IBG-2
Bioinformatics, 30 (2014) 15, S. 2114 - 2120
Oxford Oxford Univ. Press 2014
Journal Article
Plant Science
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
Motivation: Although many next-generation sequencing (NGS) read preprocessing tools already existed, we could not find any tool or combination of tools that met our requirements in terms of flexibility, correct handling of paired-end data and high performance. We have developed Trimmomatic as a more flexible and efficient preprocessing tool, which could correctly handle paired-end data.Results: The value of NGS read preprocessing is demonstrated for both reference-based and reference-free tasks. Trimmomatic is shown to produce output that is at least competitive with, and in many cases superior to, that produced by other tools, in all scenarios tested.