This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Concept for a biomolecular logic chip with an integrated sensor and actuator function
Molinnus, Denise
Bäcker, Matthias / Iken, Heiko / Poghossian, Arshak / Keusgen, Michael / Schöning, Michael J. (Corresponding author)
Bioelektronik; PGI-8
Physica status solidi / A, 212 (2015) 6, S. 1382 - 1388
Weinheim Wiley-VCH 2015
Journal Article
Controlling Configuration-Based Phenomena
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A concept for a new generation of an integrated multi-functional biosensor/actuator system is developed, which is based on biomolecular logic principles. Such a system is expected to be able to detect multiple biochemical input signals simultaneously and in real-time and convert them into electrical output signals with logical operations such as OR, AND, etc. The system can be designed as a closed-loop drug release device triggered by an enzyme logic gate, while the release of the drug induced by the actuator at the required dosage and timing will be controlled by an additional drug sensor. Thus, the system could help to make an accurate and specific diagnosis. The presented concept is exemplarily demonstrated by using an enzyme logic gate based on a glucose/glucose oxidase system, a temperature-responsive hydrogel mimicking the actuator function and an insulin (drug) sensor. In this work, the results of functional testing of individual amperometric glucose and insulin sensors as well as an impedimetric sensor for the detection of the hydrogel swelling/shrinking are presented.