This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Robust Marker-Based Tracking for Measuring Crowd Dynamics
Mehner, Wolfgang (Corresponding author)
Boltes, Maik / Mathias, Markus / Leibe, Bastian
Jülich Supercomputing Center; JSC
Computer Vision Systems
Cham Springer International Publishing 2015
445 - 455
978-3-319-20903-6 (print)
978-3-319-20904-3 (electronic)
10th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, Copenhagen (Denmark), 2015-07-06 - 2015-07-09
Contribution to a conference proceedings
Computational Science and Mathematical Methods
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9163
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We present a system to conduct laboratory experiments with thousands of pedestrians. Each participant is equipped with an individual marker to enable us to perform precise tracking and identification. We propose a novel rotation invariant marker design which guarantees a minimal Hamming distance between all used codes. This increases the robustness of pedestrian identification. We present an algorithm to detect these markers, and to track them through a camera network. With our system we are able to capture the movement of the participants in great detail, resulting in precise trajectories for thousands of pedestrians. The acquired data is of great interest in the field of pedestrian dynamics. It can also potentially help to improve multi-target tracking approaches, by allowing better insights into the behaviour of crowds.