This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Toward polarized antiprotons: machine development for spin-filtering experiments at COSY
Weidemann, Christian (Corresponding author)
Experimentelle Hadrondynamik; IKP-2
Physica scripta, T166 (2015) S. 014038 -
Bristol IoP Publ. 2015
Journal Article
Cosmic Matter in the Laboratory
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In 2011 the Polarized Antiproton eXperiments Collaboration has performed a successful spin-filtering test using protons at ${T}_{p}=49.3$ MeV at the COSY ring in Jülich, which allowed the determination of the spin-dependent polarizing cross section, that compares well with the theoretical prediction from the nucleon–nucleon potential and it confirms that spin filtering can be adopted as a method to polarize a stored beam. The document concentrates on the commissioning of the experimental equipment and the machine studies conducted to achieve the required beam lifetimes of $\tau =8000$ s in the presence of a dense polarized hydrogen storage cell target of areal density ${d}_{{\rm{t}}}=(5.5\pm 0.2)\times {10}^{13}\;\mathrm{atoms}\;{\mathrm{cm}}^{-2}$. The developed techniques can be directly applied to antiproton machines and allow for the determination of the spin-dependent $\bar{p}p$ cross sections via spin filtering.