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Energy Calibration for the Forward Detector at WASA-at-COSY
Demmich, Kay (Corresponding author)
WASA-at-COSY Collaboration
Experimentelle Hadronstruktur; IKP-1
Experimentelle Hadrondynamik; IKP-2
The @European physical journal / Web of Conferences, 81 (2014) S. 06003 -
Les Ulis EDP Sciences 2014
MESON 2014 – 13th International Workshop on Production, Properties and Interaction of Mesons, Cracow (Poland), 2014-05-29 - 2015-06-03
Contribution to a conference proceedings
Journal Article
Cosmic Matter in the Laboratory
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
Studies on rare and forbidden decays of light mesons are one main aspect of the WASA-at-COSY physics program. In this context a large data set for η mesons has been produced in the proton-proton scattering in order to investigate the decay properties of this meson. This high statistic measurement allows, e.g., for the search for the C-parity violating reaction η → π0 + e+ + e−. This article presents a new calibration method which allows for an improved separation of the physical background by means of the missing mass method.