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Effect of Plasma Enthalpy on the Structure of La$_{2}$Zr$_{2}$O$_{7}$ Coatings Prepared by Suspension Plasma Spraying
Zotov, Nikolay (Corresponding author)
Guignard, Alexandre / Mauer, Georg / Vassen, Robert
Werkstoffsynthese und Herstellungsverfahren; IEK-1
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99 (2016) 3, S. 1086 - 1091
Oxford [u.a.] Wiley-Blackwell 2016
Journal Article
Methods and Concepts for Material Development
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La2Zr2O7 coatings, prepared by suspension plasma spraying, have been studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) as a function of torch power. Rietveld refinements of high-resolution XRD data show that with increasing plasma temperature (as a result of the increasing torch power), the La2Zr2O7 coatings remain cation ordered but progressively anion disordered.