This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2016 

Pore Network Modeling to Explore the Effects of Compression on Liquid Water Transport in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Gas Diffusion Layers
Fazeli, Mohammadreza
Hinebaugh, James / Fishman, Zachary / Tötzke, Christian / Lehnert, Werner / Manke, Ingo / Bazylak, Aimy (Corresponding author)
Elektrochemische Verfahrenstechnik; IEK-3
Journal of power sources, 335 (2016) S. 162 - 171
New York, NY [u.a.] Elsevier 2016
Journal Article
Fuel Cells
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Understanding how compression affects the distribution of liquid water and gaseous oxygen in the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell gas diffusion layer (GDL) is vital for informing the design of improved porous materials for effective water management strategies. Pore networks extracted from synchrotron-based micro-computed tomography images of compressed GDLs were employed to simulate liquid water transport in GDL materials over a range of compression pressures. The oxygen transport resistance was predicted for each sample under dry and partially saturated conditions. A favorable GDL compression value for a preferred liquid water distribution and oxygen diffusion was found for Toray TGP-H-090 (10%), yet an optimum compression value was not recognized for SGL Sigracet 25BC. SGL Sigracet 25BC exhibited lower transport resistance values compared to Toray TGP-H-090, and this is attributed to the additional diffusion pathways provided by the microporous layer (MPL), an effect that is particularly significant under partially saturated conditions.