This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2000 

Production of low mass electron pairs due to the photon-photon mechanism in central collisions
Hencken, K.
Trautmann, D. / Baur, G.
Institut für Kernphysik; IKP
Physical review / C, 61 (2000) S. 027901-01 - 027901-04
Woodbury, NY Inst. 2000
027901-01 - 027901-04
Journal Article
Theoretische Kernphysik
Physical Review C 61
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We calculate the probability for dilepton production in central relativistic heavy ion collisions due to the yy mechanism. This is a potential background to more interesting mechanisms. We find that this mechanism is negligible in the CERES experiments. Generally, the contribution due to this mechanism is small in the central region, while it can be large for small invariant masses and forward or backward rapidities. A simple formula based on the equivalent photon approximation and applications to a possible scenario at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider are also given.