This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2000 

Radiative pion capture by a nucleon
Fearing, H. W.
Hemmert, T. R. / Lewis, R. / Unkmeir, C.
Institut für Kernphysik; IKP
Physical review / C, 62 (2000) S. 054006
Woodbury, NY Inst. 2000
Journal Article
Theoretische Kernphysik
Physical Review C 62
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
The differential cross sections for pi (-)p-->gamman and pi (+)n-->gammap are computed up to O(p(3)) in heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory (HBChPT). The expressions at O(p) and O(p(2)) have no free parameters. There are three unknown parameters at O(p(3)), low energy constants of the HBChPT Lagrangian, which are determined by fitting to experimental data. Two acceptable fits are obtained, which can be separated by comparing with earlier dispersion relation calculations of the inverse process. Expressions for the multipoles, with emphasis on the p-wave multipoles, are obtained and evaluated at threshold. Generally the results obtained from the best of the two fits are in good agreement with the dispersion relation predictions.