This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2000 

Three-body scattering below breakup threshold : an approach without using partial waves
Schadow, W.
Elster, C. / Glöckle, W.
Institut für Kernphysik; IKP
Few-body systems, 28 (2000) S. 15
Wien [u.a.] Springer 2000
Journal Article
Theoretische Kernphysik
Few-Body Systems 28
The Faddeev equation for three-body scattering below the three-body breakup threshold is directly solved without employing a partial-wave decomposition. In the simplest form it is a three-dimensional integral equation in four variables. From its solution the scattering amplitude is obtained as function of vector Jacobi momenta. Based on Malfliet-Tjon-type potentials differential and total cross sections are calculated. The numerical stability of the algorithm is demonstrated and the properties of the scattering amplitude discussed.