This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2001 

Segregation phenomena in thin films of BaTio3
Szot, K.
Hoffmann, S. / Speier, W. / Breuer, U. / Siegert, M. / Waser, R.
Zentralabteilung für Chemische Analysen; ZCH
Elektrokeramische Materialien; IFF-EKM
Integrated ferroelectrics, 33 (2001) S. 303 -310
London [u.a.] Taylor & Francis 2001
303 -310
Journal Article
Festkörperforschung für die Informationstechnik
Entwicklung analytischer Verfahren
Integrated Ferroelectrics 33
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The near-surface region in perovskite bulk crystals is known to be subject to segregation processes at elevated temperatures which can lead to the formation of non-perovskite phases. We have addressed the question whether analogue phenomena may occur in thin films, Thin films of BaTiO3 prepared by different methods (PLD, CSD) and heat-treated in the temperature range of 700 degreesC-1000 degreesC are characterised by surface analytical methods and microanalysis (AFM, SIMS, XPS). Our studies reveals dramatic changes in the surface morphology and in-depth elemental distribution suggesting a chemical restructuring comparable to the effects known for single crystalline BaTiO3. Possible driving forces for the observed segregation phenomena are discussed taking into account specific properties of the thin films.