This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2001 

Ordering and interactions
Hauck, J.
Mika, K.
Weiche Materie; IFF-WM
Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures, 7-8 (2001) S. 41 - 54
41 - 54
Journal Article
Polymere, Membranen und komplexe Flüssigkeiten
Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures 7-8
Two- and three-dimensional structures A, with homogeneous particles A and vacant B positions on the different positions of two- or three-dimensional lattices can be characterized by the numbers T-1 and T-2 of nearest and next-nearest neighbors of the same kind. A small number of structures at the border of the T-1, T-2 structure map is stabilized by enthalpy compared to an increased number of entropy stabilized structures. The structures on the border of the structure map are assembled by different principles as is outlined for structure families of the two- or three-dimensional hexagonal net or the primitive hexagonal lattice. The repulsive, attractive or intermediate interactions in different areas of the structure map can be correlated with the ordering of surfaces, colloids, polymeric chains and hydrophilic macromolecules.