This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2002 

Assessment of conventional and radiological risks for the handling of hazardous substances in a research centre
Hille, R.
Abteilung Sicherheit und Strahlenschutz; S
Process safety and environmental protection, 80 (2002) S. 298 - 304
Amsterdam Elsevier 2002
298 - 304
Journal Article
Nukleare Sicherheitsforschung
Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers B: Process Safety and Environmental Protection 80
In a research centre like Julich where nuclear, chemical, biotechnological and other experimental facilities are in operation the differences in accident analysis and risk assessment in the nuclear and the so-called conventional field are always obvious. The two approaches are practised in parallel and remain almost unaffected by each other although the goal should be the same: to avoid high and unnecessary risks to the employees and the population. This situation is very unsatisfactory for everyone who has safety responsibility for the centre as a whole. An attempt is made in this paper to come to a common risk evaluation for such facilities and to apply two different existing approaches for risk evaluation to three of our installations. The conditions for and the results of these procedures are discussed.