This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2003 

Thick Co-Deposits and Dust in Controlled Fusion Devices with Carbon Walls: Fuel Inventory and Growth Rate of Co-Deposited Layers
Rubel, M.
Philipps, V. / Tanabe, T. / Wienhold, P. / Freisinger, M. / Linke, J. / von Seggern, J. / Wessel, E.
Institut für Plasmaphysik; IPP
Werkstoffstruktur und Eigenschaften; IWV-2
Physica scripta, T103 (2003) S. 20 - 24
Bristol IoP Publ. 2003
20 - 24
Journal Article
Kernfusion und Plasmaforschung
Physica Scripta Topical Issue 103
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Recent results regarding the formation of co-deposits, fuel accumulation and overall material transport at the TEXTOR tokamak are described. Two categories of brittle flaking co-deposits were identified: (i) smooth stratified layers of a thickness of up to 50 mum and a fuel content of up to 16 at.%. (ii) granular and columnar structures reaching 1 mm in thickness and containing around 0.5 at.% of fuel species. They were formed on the blades of the toroidal belt pump limiter (similar to 15000 s of plasma operation) and on the neutraliser plates of this limiter (similar to 90000 s), respectively. A comparison is made to the fuel inventory measured in other controlled fusion devices with carbon walls.