This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2003 

Electrically Insulating High-Temperature Joints for Ferritic Chromium Steel
Schwickert, T.
Reisgen, U. / Geasee, P. / Conradt, R.
Zentralinstitut für Technologie; ZAT
Journal of advanced materials, 35 (2003) S. 44 - 47
Cambridge Interscience Publ. 2003
44 - 47
Journal Article
Journal of Advanced Materials 35
Glass-ceramic sealants for electrically insulating joining of ferritic chromium steels at operation temperatures of similar to800degreesC were developed. A main application for this joining material is the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, a potential future key technology for small-scale electrical power generation.The main requirements on a high temperature glass-ceramic sealant are thermochemical long-term stability, a thermal expansion coefficient well compatible with that of the materials to be joined and good wetting and flow behavior.Different alkali-free glasses of the base system MgO-CaO-BaO-SiO2 were melted and characterized by dilatometry and the determination of wetting angles and flow behavior.Joining experiments with ferritic 18%-chromium steels showed a good adhesion. Interfaces between steel and glass were examined by SEM/EDX.