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A novel instrumentation for spectrally resolved soft X-ray plasma tomography : development and pilot results on TEXTOR
Shmaenok, L. A.
Golovkin, S. V. / Govorun, V. N. / Ekimov, V. / Salashchenko, N. N. / Pickalov, V. V. / Belik, V. P. / Schüller, F. C. / Donne, A. J. H. / Oomens, A. A. M. / Prokhorov, K. A. / Andreev, S. S. / Sorokin, A. N. / Podlaskin, B. G. / Khasanov, L. V.
Institutsbereich I; IPP-1
Institutsbereich II; IPP-2
Review of scientific instruments, 72 (2001) S. 1411 - 1415
[S.l.] American Institute of Physics 2001
1411 - 1415
Journal Article
Review of Scientific Instruments 72
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A novel instrumentation for wavelength- and time-resolved plasma emission tomography in the range 0.1-4 keV has been demonstrated on the Torus Experiment for Technology Oriented Research (TEXTOR). The technique is intended for reconstruction of distributions of local emission coefficients (LEC) for selected spectral lines of impurity ions. Further determination (with additional data on electron density and temperature) of spatial distributions of impurity ions at particular ionization stages will become feasible. Spectrally selective plasma images at several viewpoints around plasma are obtained with miniature pinhole cameras supplemented with multilayer mirrors as dispersion elements. The x-ray image is converted to a visible image and transported by a fiber bundle to a gain enhanced recording camera with an electron bombarded charge coupled device tube. A part of the system has been installed on temporary TEXTOR ports. First demonstration results have been obtained on plasma imaging and on subsequent LEC reconstruction using a modified iterative sinogram restoration tomography algorithm. The complete diagnostics will be operational after the TEXTOR shutdown in 2001. (C) 2001 American Institute of Physics.