This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2003 

Network participation indices: characterizing component roles for information processing in neural networks
Kötter, R.
Stephan, K. E.
Institut für Medizin; IME
Neural networks, 16 (2003) S. 1261 - 1275
Amsterdam Elsevier 2003
1261 - 1275
Journal Article
Neural Networks 16
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We propose a set of indices that characterize-on the basis of connectivity data-how a network node participates in a larger network and what roles it may take given the specific sub-network of interest. These Network Participation Indices are derived from simple graph theoretic measures and have the interesting property of linking local features of individual network components to distributed properties that arise within the network as a whole. We use connectivity data on large-scale cortical networks to demonstrate the virtues of this approach and highlight some interesting features that had not been brought up in previously published material. Some implications of our approach for defining network characteristics relevant to functional segregation and functional integration, for example, from functional imaging studies are discussed.