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The Delta-resonance in a finite volume
Bernard, V.
Meissner, U.G. / Rusetsky, A.
Theorie der starken Wechselwirkung; IKP-3
Jülich-Aachen Research Alliance - Simulation Sciences; JARA-SIM
Nuclear physics / B, 788 (2008) S. 1 - 20
Amsterdam North-Holland Publ. Co. 2008
1 - 20
Journal Article
Physik der Hadronen und Kerne
Nuclear Physics B 788
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
We study the extraction of Delta-resonance parameters from lattice data for small quark masses, corresponding to the case of an unstable Delta. To this end, we calculate the spectrum of the correlator of two Delta-fields in a finite Euclidean box up-to-and-including O(epsilon(3)) in the small scale expansion using infrared regularization. On the basis of our numerical study, we argue that the extraction of the parameters of the Delta-resonance (in particular, of the mass and the pion-nucleon-delta coupling constant) from the measured volume dependence of the lowest energy levels should be feasible. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.