This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2003 

Ice water content of low temperature cirrus clouds and its dependency on different types of aerosols
Mangold, A.
Krämer, M. / Möhler, O. / Büttner, S. / Saathoff, H. / Stetzer, O. / Wagner, R. / Schurath, U. / Ebert, V. / Giesemann, C. / Teichert, H.
Stratosphäre; ICG-I
Journal of aerosol science, 34 (2003) S. s1045 - s1046
Amsterdam Elsevier 2003
s1045 - s1046
Journal Article
Chemie und Dynamik der Geo-Biosphäre
Journal of Aerosol Science 34
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