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Scaling study of dynamical smeared-link clover fermions
Dürr, S.
Fodor, Z. / Hoelbling, C. / Hoffmann, R. / Katz, S. D. / Krieg, S. / Kurth, T. / Lellouch, L. / Lippert, T. / Szabo, K. K. / Vulvert, G.
Jülich Supercomputing Center; JSC
Physical Review D Physical review / D, 79 79 (2009 2009) 1 1, S. 014501 014501
[S.l.] Soc. 2009
Journal Article
Scientific Computing
Physical Review D 79
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
We present a framework for phenomenological lattice QCD calculations which makes use of a tree-evel Symanzink improved action for gluons and stout-link Wilson fermions. We give details of our efficient HMC/RHMC algorithm and present a scaling study of the low-lying N-f = 3 baryon spectrum. We find a scaling region that extends to a <= 0.16 fm and conclude that our action and algorithm are suitable for large scale phenomenological investigations of N-f = 2 + 1 QCD. We expect this conclusion to hold for other comparable actions.