This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2003 

Precision measurements in pionic hydrogen
Anagnostopoulos, D. F.
Cargnelli, M. / Fuhrmann, H. / Giersch, M. / Gotta, D. / Gruber, A. / Hennebach, M. / Hirtl, A. / Indelicato, P. / Liu, Y. W. / Manil, G. W. / Markushin, V. E. / Marton, J. / Nelms, N. / Simons, L. M. / Trassinelli, M. / Zmeskal, J.
Institut 2 (Experimentelle Kernphysik II); IKP-E-2
Nuclear physics / A, 721 (2003) S. 849c - 852c
Amsterdam North-Holland Publ. Co. 2003
849c - 852c
Journal Article
Physik der Hadronen
Nuclear Physics A 721
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The. strong interaction in the pion nucleon system leads to a shift and a broadening of the Is-ground state in pionic hydrogen. These two quantities are being measured in an experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute with much improved precision and allow an experimental test of recent calculations in the framework of Chiral Perturbation Theory. The experimental techniques using high resolution crystal spectroscopy are described as well as recent results.