This title appears in the Scientific Report : 1999 

In vitro studies with purified components reveal signal recognition particle (SRP) and SecA SecB as constituents of two independent protein-targeting pathways in Escherichia coli
Koch, H. G.
Hengelage, T. / Neumann-Haeflin, C. / MacFarlane, J. / Hoffschulte, H. D. / Schimz, K. L. / Müller, M.
Institut für Biotechnologie; IBT
Molecular biology of the cell, 10 (1999) S. 2163 - 2173
Bethesda, Md. American Society for Cell Biology 1999
2163 - 2173
Journal Article
Mikrobiologische Grundlagen der Gewinnung von Proteinen
Molecular Biology of the Cell 10
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