This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2016 

Intrinsic electronic properties of high-quality wurtzite InN
Eisele, H. (Corresponding author)
Schuppang, J. / Schnedler, M. / Duchamp, M. / Nenstiel, C. / Portz, V. / Kure, T. / Bügler, M. / Lenz, A. / Dähne, M. / Hoffmann, A. / Gwo, S. / Choi, S. / Speck, J. S. / Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal / Ebert, Ph.
Mikrostrukturforschung; PGI-5
Physical review / B, 94 (2016) 24, S. 245201
Woodbury, NY Inst. 2016
Journal Article
Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Energy and Climate Research (HITEC)
Controlling Configuration-Based Phenomena
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
Recent reports suggested that InN is a highly unusual III-V semiconductor, whose behavior fundamentally differs from that of others. We therefore analyzed its intrinsic electronic properties on the highest available quality InN layers, demonstrating the absence of electron accumulation at the (101¯0) cleavage surface and in the bulk. The bulk electron density is governed solely by dopants. Hence, we conclude that InN acts similarly to the other III-V semiconductors and previously reported intriguing effects are related to low crystallinity, surface decomposition, nonstoichiometry, and/or In adlayers.