Lichtstreuung an Spinwellen in dünnen ferromagnetischen Schichten und Doppelschichten
Vach, W. C. (Corresponding author)
Publikationen vor 2000; PRE-2000
Jülich Kernforschungsanlage Jülich, Verlag 1982
88 p.
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Berichte der Kernforschungsanlage Jülich 1766
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Within the past few years Brillouinscattering has established itself as a good method for the investigation of spinwaves in ferro (or ferri) magnetic materials. In this thesis we report on Brillouinscattering experiments from spinwaves in thin ferromagnetic layers and double layers. The properties of spinwaves in thin films of thicknesses between 5 and 300 nm are readily described by continuum theories. We have compared our experimental results with such calculations and found good agreement. With this formalism we have also been able to determine the saturation magnetization J, exchange constant A and g-factor of thin amorphous $Fe_{x}C_{1-x}$ films from the experimentally determined spinwave frequencies. Furthermore we have investigated the spinwave modes of ferromagnetic double layers. The origin of these double layer modes lies in a dipolar coupling of Damon Eshbach surface modes located at the different surfaces of the double layer. We have found good agreement between experiment and theory.