This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2019 

Understanding power-grid-frequency dynamics with stochastic modelling: The influence of the electricity market
Rydin Gorjao, Leonardo
Rydin Gorjao, Leonardo (Corresponding author)
Systemforschung und Technologische Entwicklung; IEK-STE
Assessment of Energy Systems – Addressing Issues of Energy Efficiency and Energy Security
The ongoing energy transition transforms the power system by introducing additional fluctuations via intermittent renewable energy generation To evaluate the various proposed strategies of implementation of renewable energy generation and the impact of market design on the power grid’s stability, a solid understanding of the power grid dynamics, specifically its frequency, is necessary. A pure empirical study on existing power grids is limited due to their small number, limited available data and high costs of implementing control and market schemes in real grids. Our model allows predictions of the frequency statistics for diverse power grids and ultimately enables us to quantify the impact of control proposals and market designs.