SrTiO 3 termination control: a method to tailor the oxygen exchange kinetics
Hensling, Felix V. E. (Corresponding author)
Bäumer, Christoph / Rose, Marc-André / Gunkel, Felix / Dittmann, Regina
Elektronische Materialien; PGI-7
Materials Research Letters, 8 (2020) 1, S. 31 - 40
London [u.a.] Taylor & Francis 2020
Journal Article
Controlling Electron Charge-Based Phenomena
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
We provide insights into the influence of surface termination on the oxygen vacancy incorporation for the perovskite model material SrTiO3 during annealing in reducing gas environments. We present a novel approach to tailor the oxygen vacancy formation by controlling the termination. We prove that a SrO-termination can inhibit the incorporation of oxygen vacancies across the (100)-surface and apply this to control their incorporation during thin film growth. Utilizing the conducting interface between LaAlO3 and SrTiO3, we could tailor the oxygen-vacancy based conductivity contribution by the level of SrO termination at the interface.