This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2020 

Particle-in-Cell Simulation Studies for Hybrid Laser-Plasma Accelerators and Plasma Eyepieces
Zeng, Ming
Martinez de la Ossa, Alberto / Osterhoff, Jens (Corresponding author)
John von Neumann - Institut für Computing; NIC
NIC Symposium 2020
Jülich Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Zentralbibliothek, Verlag 2020
415 - 424
NIC Symposium 2020, Jülich (Germany), 2020-02-27 - 2020-02-28
Contribution to a book
Contribution to a conference proceedings
Publication Series of the John von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC) NIC Series 50
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Plasma wakefield accelerators driven by either laser or electron beams have shown great potential for future applications. Output beam quality from plasma has improved tremendously over the past decade. This, to a large extend, was enabled by progress in high-performance computing and numerical techniques based on particle-in-cell simulations. In this proceedings paper, we present two recent simulation studies, on hybrid plasma accelerators and on plasmabased laser focusing, opening new avenues in the application of compact accelerators and for the generation of high-brightness electron beams.