The ECLAS Catalogue lists the holdings held by RéseauBIB, the collaborative network associating the European Commission's Library and e-Resources Centre and the libraries or documentation centres in its Directorates-General or departments. More specifically, ECLAS lists the complete holdings of the Commission Library and e-Resources Centre since 1978. The library holdings corresponding to the 1958-1978 period are not included in the ECLAS database. What can you find in ECLAS? ECLAS focuses on publications of the European Union and has also an extensive collection of publications of international organisations such as the UN, OECD, World Bank, etc. The catalogue contains a wealth of books and journals from commercial publishers in all EU languages. However, the largest part of our collections is in French, English and German. One of the strengths of the ECLAS catalogue is the collection of articles on EU-related matters, selected by our staff from the most relevant journals.
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