Herwig Schopper [E-Book] : Scientist and Diplomat in a Changing World /
Table of Contents: ... -- Karlsruhe: 1961 - 1973 -- A user at DESY and CERN: 1967 - 1973 -- Director of DESY: 1973 - 1980 -- Director-General of CERN: 1981 - 1988 -- A busy retirement: 1989 - now -- SESAME: 1998 - now -- Epilogue: The place of science in the modern world....

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High-Precision W-Boson Studies with LHCb [E-Book] : Measurements of the W Boson's Mass and Lepton Flavour Universality, and Trigger Development for the LHCb Upgrade /
Search for Exotic Higgs Boson Decays to Merged Diphotons [E-Book] : A Novel CMS Analysis Using End-to-End Deep Learning /
Advanced Radiation Detector and Instrumentation in Nuclear and Particle Physics [E-Book] : Proceedings of RAPID 2021 /
The Flight of a Relativistic Charge in Matter [E-Book] : Insights, Calculations and Practical Applications of Classical Electromagnetism /
Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security [E-Book] : 42nd International Conference, SAFECOMP 2023, Toulouse, France, September 20-22, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...Safety Assurance -- Assurance Case Arguments in the Large - CERN LHC Machine Protection System -- Identifying Run-time Monitoring Requirements for Autonomous Systems through the Analysis of Safety Arguments -- Redesigning Medical Device Assurance...

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Information Integration and Web Intelligence [E-Book] : 25th International Conference, iiWAS 2023, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, December 4-6, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... -- Optimizing Visit Booking at CERN: A Drools-Based Approach -- A Label Aggregation Method using Worker Quality in Crowdsourcing -- ImputAnom: Anomaly Detection Framework using Imputation Methods for Univariate Time Series -- Smart Cities as Hubs: navigating...

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Single-Particle Structure of 29Mg on the Approach to the N = 20 Island of Inversion [E-Book] /
Bruno Touschek's Extraordinary Journey [E-Book] : From Death Rays to Antimatter /
High Performance Computing [E-Book] : 37th International Conference, ISC High Performance 2022, Hamburg, Germany, May 29 - June 2, 2022, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... on Code Variant Selection by Reinforcement Learning -- Programming Environments and System Software -- Remote OpenMP Offloading -- Hybrid Parallel ILU Preconditioner in Linear Solver Library GaspiLS -- A Subset of the CERN Virtual Machine File System: Fast...

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Mellin-Barnes Integrals [E-Book] : A Primer on Particle Physics Applications /
Exploring the Large Hadron Collider - the Detectors [E-Book] : The World Machine Clearly Explained /
Advances in Cosmology [E-Book] : Science - Art - Philosophy /
Table of Contents: ...) -- Chapter 3 - Modern cosmological theories (Kai Schmitz) -- Part 2: Search of dark matter, dark energy, Black Holes, star formation and other cosmological searches -- Chapter 4 - Introduction on CERN search of Dark Matter and other searches relevant...

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Weak scale supersymmetry : from superfields to scattering events [E-Book] /
Computational Science - ICCS 2021 [E-Book] : 21st International Conference, Krakow, Poland, June 16-18, 2021, Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ... in the Atmosphere -- mRelief: A Reward Penalty based Feature SubsetSelection Considering Data Overlapping Problem -- Reconstruction of Long-Lived Particles in LHCb CERN Project by Data Analysis and Computational Intelligence Methods -- Motion Trajectory Grouping...

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Superconductivity [E-Book] : Basics and Applications to Magnets /
The Economics of Big Science [E-Book] : Essays by Leading Scientists and Policymakers /
Table of Contents: ... Research: For Whom? A Philosopher's Perspective -- Investing in Fundamental Research: Evaluation of the Benefits that the UK Has Derived from CERN -- Fundamental Science Drives Innovation -- Epilogue: Productive Collisions-Blue-Sky Science and Today...

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XXIII DAE High Energy Physics Symposium [E-Book] : Select Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... experiment -- Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Efficiency of Gaseous Detectors -- Prototype tests Electromagnetic Calorimeter, FOCAL, at CERN-SPS Using Large Dynamic Range Readout Electronics -- Comparative Study of Bulk and Surface Pressure of Charged...

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Applied Laser Spectroscopy for Nuclear Physics [E-Book] : Isotope Shifts in the Mercury Isotopic Chain and Laser Ion Source Development /
With String Theory to the Big Bang [E-Book] : A Journey to the Origin of the Universe /