Intelligent Human Computer Interaction [E-Book] : 14th International Conference, IHCI 2022, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, October 20-22, 2022, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... reviews using NLP & Machine Learning for Non-English Language -- A Higher Performing DARTS Model for CIFAR-10 -- Automatic speech recognition on the neutral network based on attention mechanism -- Equal Temperament and Just intonation Feature based Emotion...

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New Media Pedagogy: Research Trends, Methodological Challenges and Successful Implementations [E-Book] : First International Conference, NMP 2022, Kraków, Poland, October 10-12, 2022, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... Storytelling for English Language Speaking and Writing Skills -- Greek kindergarten teachers' perceived barriers in using touchscreen tablets in the post-pandemic era: an intersectional study -- Playing, Discovering, and Learning in Corfu Old Town -- Interactive...

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Speech and Computer [E-Book] : 25th International Conference, SPECOM 2023, Dharwad, India, November 29 - December 2, 2023, Proceedings, Part II /
Table of Contents: ... Augmentation -- Direct vs Cascaded Speech-to-Speech Translation using Transformer -- Deep Learning based Speech Quality Assessment Focusing on Noise Effects -- Quantifying the Emotional Landscape of Music with Three Dimensions -- Analysis of Mandarin vs. English...

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Innovative Technologies and Learning [E-Book] : 6th International Conference, ICITL 2023, Porto, Portugal, August 28-30, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... the Incorporation of Precision Machinery and Artificial Intelligence and the Learning Effects of its Learning Materials -- Concerns about Using ChatGPT in Education -- Comparing Handwriting fluency in English Language Teaching using Computer Vision Techniques...

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Learning Technology for Education Challenges [E-Book] : 11th International Workshop, LTEC 2023, Bangkok, Thailand, July 24-27, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... post COVID -- Influence of Using Electronic Textbooks and Language Immersion Teaching on Primary School Students' Interest in English Language Learning -- Lessons Learned: Measurement of the impact of Covid-19 post-pandemic -- How Teaching Quality...

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Application of Big Data, Blockchain, and Internet of Things for Education Informatization [E-Book] : Second EAI International Conference, BigIoT-EDU 2022, Virtual Event, July 29-31, 2022, Proceedings, Part III /
Table of Contents: ... for tourism based on Globish. -Research on English language learning algorithm based on speech recognition confidence -- Research on English teaching ability evaluation algorithm based on big data fuzzy k-means clustering -- Research on English Teaching in Higher...

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Chinese Computational Linguistics [E-Book] : 21st China National Conference, CCL 2022, Nanchang, China, October 14-16, 2022, Proceedings /
Simulation Gaming Through Times and Disciplines [E-Book] : 50th International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference, ISAGA 2019, Warsaw, Poland, August 26-30, 2019, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... - Challenges and Obstacles.-Simulation gaming design and implementation -- Simulated Construction of State`s Intersubjective Reality in Virtual Games: An Emerging Tool of Social Power -- A Review of Game-Based Research for English Language Learning in S&G...

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European-Russian Space Cooperation [E-Book] : From de Gaulle to ExoMars /
Emerging Technologies for Education [E-Book] : 6th International Symposium, SETE 2021, Zhuhai, China, November 11-12, 2021, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... and Implementation of English Language Concept Learning Agent App -- The Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Law Teaching Practice -- The Effect of Online Collaborative Prewriting via DingTalk Group on EFL Learners' Writing Anxiety and Writing Performance...

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An ecotopian lexicon [E-Book] /
Subject (ZB): ...English language -- Foreign words and phrases....

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Acoustics of Musical Instruments [E-Book] /
Proceedings of ECCS 2014 [E-Book] : European Conference on Complex Systems /
Table of Contents: ...-Specic Daily Patterns in Mobile Phone Communication -- Investigating the Phonetic Organisation of the English Language via Phonological Networks, Percolation and Markov Models -- An Agent-Based Model for Agricultural Supply Chains: the Case of Uganda...

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Solar energy and technology. Volume 1, Dictionary English-German/ Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch [E-Book] /
Electracy : Gregory L. Ulmer's Textshop Experiments [E-Book] /
Subject (ZB): ...English language -- Rhetoric -- Computer-assisted instruction....

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Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration [E-Book] : Second International Conference, MIKE 2014, Cork, Ireland, December 10-12, 2014. Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Labels for Emotion Recognition of Tweets -- Focused Information Retrieval & English Language Instruction: A New Text Complexity Algorithm for Automatic Text Classification....

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Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English chemistry dictionary [E-Book] /
Subject (ZB): ...English language Dictionaries Spanish....

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Handbook of clay science [E-Book] /
Common core standards for elementary grades K-2 math & English language arts : a quick-start guide [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...pt. I. English language arts and literacy -- pt. II. Mathematics -- pt. III. Lesson planning and sample lesson plans....

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Empirical Inference [E-Book] : Festschrift in Honor of Vladimir N. Vapnik /