Introduction to Bionanotechnology [E-Book] /
Other Personal Name(s): ...Moon, Ju-Young...

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The Physical Processes and Observing Techniques of Radio Astronomy [E-Book] : An Introduction /
Table of Contents: ..., The Planets, The Moon and Minor Bodies -- Chapter6. Galactic Radio Astronomy: Galactic Structure, HII Regions, Supernova Remnants, Neutron Stars and Pulsars -- Chapter7. Extragalactic Radio Astronomy: Galaxy Classification, Active Galactic Nuclei, Superluminal...

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Science and public policy [E-Book] /
The Mythology of the Night Sky [E-Book] : Greek, Roman, and Other Celestial Lore /
History of the Plurality of Worlds [E-Book] : The Myths of Extraterrestrials Through the Ages /
Table of Contents: ...1. Introduction: Myth or fact/reality -- 2. From Anaximander to Lucretius: Plurality from chance -- 3. Pythagoras, Plato and Ptolemy: Unicity by design -- 4. Plutarch's De Facie: The Moon is another Earth -- 5. Patristic cosmology confirms the single...

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Archaeoastronomy [E-Book] : Introduction to the Science of Stars and Stones /
The ShortTube 80 Telescope [E-Book] : A User's Guide /
Table of Contents: ... -- Chapter 6 Watching the Sun -- Chapter 7 Exploring the Moon and the Planets -- Chapter 8 Realm of the Double Stars -- Chapter 9 A Computerized ShortTube 80; The ETX 80 -- Chapter 10 Imaging with the ShortTube 80 -- Chapter 11 Souping Up the ShortTube 80...

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China in Space [E-Book] : The Great Leap Forward /
Table of Contents: ...Acknowledgements -- Dedication -- About the Author -- Author's Introduction -- Chapter 1: The far side of the Moon -- Chapter 2: Medieval rockets to first satellites -- Chapter 3: New rockets, launch sites and ships -- Chapter 4: Science and technology...

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Returning People to the Moon After Apollo [E-Book] : Will It Be Another Fifty Years? /
Table of Contents: ...Dedication.-Acknowledgements -- Chapter 1. Why Did the United States Send Men to the Moon in the 1960s? -- Chapter 2: The American Rocket -- Chapter 3. Apollo 11 - Getting There -- Chapter 4. The Eagle's Journey -- Chapter 5. American Knowhow -- Chapter...

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Nature's calendar : a year in the life of a wetland [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...The setting -- A look through the seasons by month -- January: the big cold moon -- February: the snow or hunger moon -- March: the wakening or crow moon -- April: the grass moon -- May: the planting moon -- June: the rose moon -- July: the thunder moon...

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The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life [E-Book] : The Search for Our Cosmic Roots /
Table of Contents: ... of Life -- The Origin of Earth and its Moon -- Emergence and Evolution of Life -- Life and our Solar System -- Extrasolar Planetary Systems and Life in other Solar Systems -- Human's Role in the Universe -- Recommended Reading -- Index....

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Scientific satellite and moon-based earth observation for global change /
Subject (ZB): ...moon...
Table of Contents 
Handbook of Biorefinery Research and Technology [E-Book] /
Other Personal Name(s): ...Park, Jong Moon...

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Was den Mond am Himmel hält : der etwas andere Streifzug zu unserem kosmischen Begleiter /
Desalination : water from water [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- Electrodialysis desalination / Jae-Hwan Choi, Hong-Joo Lee, and Seung-Hyeon Moon -- Continuous electrodeionization / Jonathan H. Wood and Joseph D. Gifford -- Membrane distillation : now and future / Xing Yang, Anthony G. Fane, and Rong Wang....

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Molecular Orientation and Emission Characteristics of Ir Complexes and Exciplex in Organic Thin Films [E-Book] /
Evolving Theories on the Origin of the Moon [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Acknowledgements -- Foreword -- 1 Gaping at the Moon -- 2 Lunar Observations and Speculations-From Gilbert to the Apollo Explorations -- 3 Pre-Apollo Theories about the Origin of the Moon -- 4 Exploring the Moon-the Apollo Investigations -- 5 Post-Apollo...

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Chelyabinsk Superbolide [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... meteoroids, asteroids and comets -- 15. The cultural aftershock of the Chelyabinsk bolide -- Appendix: The lonely Moon, double asteroids, and multiple collisions -- Index....

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Ice Worlds of the Solar System [E-Book] : Their Tortured Landscapes and Biological Potential /
Table of Contents: ...Chapter 1: Beginnings -- Chapter 2: Terrestrial Explorers Before the Space Age -- Chapter 3: A Survey through Lenses and Spacecraft Eyes -- Chapter 4: Ceres: The First Ice Dwarf Planet -- Chapter 5: The Silent Ice Moons: Callisto, Tethys, Dione, Iapetus...

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From Cave Man to Cave Martian [E-Book] : Living in Caves on the Earth, Moon and Mars /