Applied Artificial Intelligence 2: Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Financial, Games, Engineering [E-Book] : The Second Serbian International Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence (SICAAI) /
Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Metaverse [E-Book] /
Acoustics and Vibration of Mechanical Structures-AVMS-2023 [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 17th AVMS, Timişoara, Romania, May 26-27, 2023 /
Table of Contents: ... Element Method and Machine Learning Technique in the composite concrete beam damage prediction -- Analysis of a Structures with Three Identical Parts -- Measurement and prediction of highway noise - case study from Serbia....

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Sustainable Utilization and Conservation of Plant Genetic Diversity [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... in Brazilian Fruits: Mangaba, Jenipapo and Cambuí -- Chapter 14_Genetic Diversity Assessment in Vegetable Crops. -Chapter 15_Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources: A Case Study from Serbia -- Chapter 16. Sustainable Utilization of Wild Germplasm...

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New Trends in Engineering Research [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Conference of Experimental and Numerical Investigations and New Technologies, CNNTech 2023 /
Table of Contents: ... with Arduino Control -- Development of a Method for Testing Temperature Distribution During 3D Printing of Specimens with Application in Aerospace Industry -- Determination of Compression Response for Various Dried Vegetables -- Energy Efficiency in Serbia...

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Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2023 Workshops [E-Book] : Athens, Greece, July 3-6, 2023, Proceedings, Part II /
Table of Contents: ... (CSHPC 2023) -- Optimization of multiple-precision LU decomposition using Ozaki scheme -- Cities, Technologies and Planning (CTP 2023) -- Project Smart SDI: Concept for improving NSDI for sustainable development in Serbia -- Project Smart SDI: Concept...

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Sustainable Business Management and Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era [E-Book] /
Ecological Sustainability of Fish Resources of Inland Waters of the Western Balkans [E-Book] : Freshwater Fish Stocks, Sustainable Use and Conservation /
Table of Contents: ... Resources, Management and Conservation -- Chapter 3. Fish Resources and Fisheries in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Overview, Sustainability, and Conservation -- Chapter 4. Inland Fisheries in Serbia: Historical Aspect, Fish Resources, Management and Conservation...

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Experimental Research and Numerical Simulation in Applied Sciences [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Conference of Experimental and Numerical Investigations and New Technologies, CNNTech 2022 /
Applied Artificial Intelligence: Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Financial, Games, Engineering [E-Book] /
Business Process Management Workshops [E-Book] : BPM 2021 International Workshops, Rome, Italy, September 6-10, 2021, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... University -- About a Process-Technology Fit for Process Improvements in an Ambidextrous Environment -- Exploring the key factors of process improvement that drive competitive advantage: A case of Serbia -- Workshop on Business Process Management and Routine...

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Machine and Industrial Design in Mechanical Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of KOD 2021 /
Proceedings of the International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications (ICFDA'21) [E-Book] /
Current Problems in Experimental and Computational Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Conference of Experimental and Numerical Investigations and New Technologies, CNNTech 2021 /
Sugar Beet Cultivation, Management and Processing [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... of Sugar Beet in Serbia and Montenegro -- Agronomic Management of Sugar Beet -- Autumn sown sugar beet in semi-arid regions -- New Approach to Utilize Nano-micronutrients in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) -- Silicon foliar application in sugar beet production...

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Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Sustainable Recycling of Organic Solid Waste [E-Book] /
Fang, Zhen
Table of Contents: ..., bioethanol and bio-chemicals from fruit waste: Case study in Brazil and Serbia -- Chapter 14. Sustainable Recycling and Valorization of Organic Solid Wastes for Fuels and Fertilizers....

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Informatics in Schools. Rethinking Computing Education [E-Book] : 14th International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution, and Perspectives, ISSEP 2021, Virtual Event, November 3-5, 2021, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Programming Teachers in Primary Schools -- Problems, professional development and reflection: Experiences of High-School, Computer Science teachers in Serbia....

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Some Thoughts about the Evolution of Human Behavior [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... -- Metal, and Metal Mining and Smelting -- Firesetting -- Mining and Quarrying Tools -- Neolithic and Younger Mines -- Ancient Copper Mines -- Europe -- Southeast Europe -- Serbia -- Bulgaria -- Eastern and Central Mediterranean -- Greece and the Aegean Islands...

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Experimental and Computational Investigations in Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Conference of Experimental and Numerical Investigations and New Technologies, CNNTech 2020 /
The Sun and Photovoltaic Technologies [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Solar Energy -- Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion -- Solar Lighting -- Lighting Technologies -- Solar Energy and Lighting in Serbia -- Solar Energy and Lighting in Bulgaria -- Solar Energy and Lighting in the Republic of Srpska....

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