Bench Scale Calorimetry in Chemical Reaction Kinetics [E-Book] : An Alternative Approach to Liquid Phase Reaction Kinetics /
Table of Contents: ...Part I Fundamentals, Basic Information, and Description of the Bench Scale Calorimeters: Introduction -- Bench Scale Calorimeters -- Practical Hints -- Thermokinetic Analysis -- Examples of Thermokinetic Investigations -- Part II Practical Information...

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Chemical oscillations and instabilities : nonlinear chemical kinetics.
Gray, P.
Diffusion in the condensed state.
Rational Thermodynamics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... in Dissipative Materials -- Appendix 4A. Thermodynamic Effects in Wave Propagation -- Appendix4B. Discontinuous Thermokinetic Processes -- Lecture 5. Thermodynamics of Diffusion -- Appendix 5A. Diffusion Models Implied by the Theory of Mixtures -- Appendix 5B...

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Chemical Instabilities [E-Book] : Applications in Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Materials Science /
Baras, F.
Table of Contents: ... Variations in Oscillating Reaction Models -- II — Combustion -- Isothermal Autocatalysis in the CSTR: Exotic Stationary-State Patterns (Isolas and Mushrooms) and Sustained Oscillations -- Thermokinetic Oscillations and Multistability in Gas-Phase Oxidations...

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Fast Reactions in Energetic Systems [E-Book] : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Preveza, Greece, July 6 – 9, 1980 /
Table of Contents: ... New Applications of Kinetic Spectroscopy in Shock Waves -- Fundamental Aspects of Free-Radical Reactivity and Chain Reactions -- Thermal Explosion Fundamentals — Unification of Thermal And Chain-Branching Theories Of Reaction And Ignition — Thermokinetic...

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Nonlinear Phenomena in Chemical Dynamics [E-Book] : Proceedings of an International Conference, Bordeaux, France, September 7–11, 1981 /
Table of Contents: ... by Discrete Maps with Noise -- Thermokinetic Oscillations and Multistability in Gas-Phase Oxidations -- II. Weak Turbulence -- Chemical Kinetics and Differentiable Dynamical Systems -- Topology of Chaos in a Chemical Reaction -- Experiments on Chaos in a Continuous...

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