Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics [E-Book] : Second International Conference, CALDAM 2016, Thiruvananthapuram, India, February 18-20, 2016, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... of Boolean Polynomials with Prescribed Shared Variables -- Approximation Algorithms for Cumulative VRP with Stochastic Demands -- Some Distance Antimagic Labelled Graphs -- A New Construction of Broadcast Graphs -- Improved Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set...

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WALCOM: Algorithms and Computation [E-Book] : 10th International Workshop, WALCOM 2016, Kathmandu, Nepal, March 29-31, 2016, Proceedings /
LATIN 2016: Theoretical Informatics [E-Book] : 12th Latin American Symposium, Ensenada, Mexico, April 11-15, 2016, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... -- From Discrepancy to Majority -- On the Planar Split Thickness of Graphs -- A Bounded-Risk Mechanism for the Kidney Exchange Game -- Tight Approximations of Degeneracy in Large Graphs -- Improved Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Fault-Tolerant k...

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Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XXVI [E-Book] : Special Issue on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery /
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization [E-Book] : 18th International Conference, IPCO 2016, Liège, Belgium, June 1-3, 2016, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...On Approximation Algorithms for Concave Mixed-Integer QuadraticProgramming -- Centerpoints: A link between optimization and convex geometry -- Rescaled coordinate descent methods for Linear Programming -- Approximating Min-Cost Chain-Constrained Spanning...

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Computing and Combinatorics [E-Book] : 22nd International Conference, COCOON 2016, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 2-4, 2016, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...Game Theory and Algorithms -- Parameterized Complexity and Algorithms -- Database and Data Structures -- Computational Complexity -- Approximation Algorithms -- Cryptography -- Network and Algorithms -- Graph Theory and Algorithms.-Computational Geometry...

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Combinatorial Algorithms [E-Book] : 27th International Workshop, IWOCA 2016, Helsinki, Finland, August 17-19, 2016, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... for integer feasibility in UTVPI constraints -- Limits of Greedy Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Planar Subgraph Problem -- Exact Algorithms For Weighted Coloring In Special Classes of Tree and Cactus Graphs -- Graph algorithms -- Finding Cactus Roots...

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Web and Internet Economics [E-Book] : 11th International Conference, WINE 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 9-12, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...Sequential Posted Price Mechanisms with Correlated Valuations -- Price Competition in Networked Markets: How Do Monopolies Impact Social Welfare -- Computing Stable Coalitions: Approximation Algorithms for Reward Sharing -- The (Non)-Existence of Stable...

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Computing and Combinatorics [E-Book] : 21st International Conference, COCOON 2015, Beijing, China, August 4-6, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...Algorithms and data structures -- Algorithmic game theory; approximation algorithms and online algorithms -- Automata, languages, logic and computability -- Complexity theory -- Computational learning theory -- Cryptography, reliability and security...

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Algorithms for Sensor Systems [E-Book] : 11th International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Wireless Sensor Networks, ALGOSENSORS 2015, Patras, Greece, September 17-18, 2015, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... -- The Weakest Oracle for Symmetric Consensus in Population Protocols -- Exact and Approximation Algorithms for Data Mule Scheduling in a Sensor Network -- Limitations of Current Wireless Scheduling Algorithms -- Deterministic rendezvous with detection using beeps...

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Automata, Languages, and Programming [E-Book] : 42nd International Colloquium, ICALP 2015, Kyoto, Japan, July 6-10, 2015, Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ...Statistical Randomized Encodings: A Complexity Theoretic View -- Tighter Fourier Transform Lower Bounds -- Quantifying Competitiveness in Paging with Locality of Reference -- Approximation Algorithms for Computing Maximin Share Allocations -- Envy-Free...

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Structural Information and Communication Complexity [E-Book] : 22nd International Colloquium, SIROCCO 2015, Montserrat, Spain, July 14-16, 2015. Post-Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... in Social Networks via Partial Incentives -- Approximation Algorithms For Multi-Budgeted Network Design Problems -- Simple Distributed + 1 Coloring in the SINR Model -- Nearly Optimal Local Broadcasting in the SINR Model with Feedback -- Byzantine Gathering...

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Algorithms and Computation [E-Book] : 26th International Symposium, ISAAC 2015, Nagoya, Japan, December 9-11, 2015, Proceedings /
Algorithms and Data Structures [E-Book] : 14th International Symposium, WADS 2015, Victoria, BC, Canada, August 5-7, 2015. Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Simplification Problem -- Finding Articulation Points of Large Graphs in Linear Time -- LP-based Approximation Algorithms for Facility Location in Buy-at-Bulk Network Design -- Universal Reconstruction of a String -- The complexity of dominating set reconfiguration...

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Combinatorial Algorithms [E-Book] : 25th International Workshop, IWOCA 2014, Duluth, MN, USA, October 15-17, 2014, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... Efficiently in Bipartite Graphs -- A 3-Approximation Algorithm for Guarding Orthogonal Art Galleries with Sliding Cameras -- On decomposing the complete graph into the union of two disjoint cycles -- Reconfiguration of Vertex Covers in a Graph -- Space Efficient...

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Frontiers in Algorithmics [E-Book] : 9th International Workshop, FAW 2015, Guilin, China, July 3-5, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Polynomial Equations Over Finite Fields -- Pattern Backtracking Algorithm for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem with User-Independent Constraints -- On the Sound Covering Cycle Problem in Paired de Bruijn Graphs -- Approximation Algorithms for the Multilevel...

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WALCOM: Algorithms and Computation [E-Book] : 9th International Workshop, WALCOM 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 26-28, 2015. Proceedings /
Approximation and Online Algorithms [E-Book] : 12th International Workshop, WAOA 2014, Wrocław, Poland, September 11-12, 2014, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ...-into-Square Packing -- Improved Approximation Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Facility Placement -- The Submodular Facility Location Problem and the Submodular Joint Replenishment Problem -- Online Multi-Coloring with Advice -- Approximating Steiner Trees and Forests...

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Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics [E-Book] : First International Conference, CALDAM 2015, Kanpur, India, February 8-10, 2015. Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...Obstruction Characterizations in Graphs and Digraphs -- Approximation Algorithms -- A PTAS for the Metric Case of the Minimum Sum-Requirement Communication Spanning Tree Problem -- Constant Approximation for Broadcasting in k-cycle Graph -- Computational...

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Combinatorial Pattern Matching [E-Book] : 26th Annual Symposium, CPM 2015, Ischia Island, Italy, June 29 -- July 1, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Retrieval -- LZD Factorization: Simple and Practical Online Grammar Compression with Variable-to-Fixed Encoding -- Combinatorial RNA Design: Designability and Structure-Approximating Algorithm -- Dictionary Matching with Uneven Gaps -- Partition into Heapable...

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