Cool Stars with Excesses of Heavy Elements [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Strasbourg Observatory Colloquium Held at Strasbourg, France, July 3–6, 1984 /
Table of Contents: ... of stellar groups. II. Cool peculiar stars -- 17. Kinematics of late-type giants -- 18. Kinematics and spatial density of main sequence SMR stars -- 19. Some statistics on barium stars -- 20. Carbon stars and the center of our Galaxy -- 21. The evolutionary...

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Radio Stars [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Workshop on Stellar Continuum Radio Astronomy Held in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A., 8–10 August 1984 /
Table of Contents: ... VLA Survey of T Tauri Stars in Taurus-Auriga -- Radio Continuum Emission from Pre-Main Sequence Stars and Associated Structures -- Variations in the Radio Flux of the Hypergiant P Cygni (B1 Ia+) -- Resolution of the Radio Source ?2 Vel -- The Temperature...

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Birth and Evolution of Massive Stars and Stellar Groups [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Symposium held in Dwingeloo, The Netherlands, 24–26 September 1984 /
Table of Contents: ... -- Two AOV stars on the zero-age main-sequence in the association Cha I (P) -- Stellar associations and the regions of active star formation in them (R) -- Evolution of massive stars: observational evidence (I) -- Double stars in young stellar groups (I...

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Mass Loss from Red Giants [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Conference held at the University of California at Los Angeles, U.S.A., June 20–21, 1984 /
Stellar Nucleosynthesis [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Third Workshop of the Advanced School of Astronomy of the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, May 11–21, 1983 /
Table of Contents: ... Evolution Theory -- Evidence for a Large Main Sequence Widening: A Plea for Overshooting and Higher Heavy Element Opacity -- On the Structure of the Upper HRD of Humphreys -- Session IV: Supernova Precursors and Explosive Nucleosynthesis -- An Essay on Possible...

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Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Third Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun Held in Cambridge, Massachusetts October 5–7, 1983 /
Table of Contents: ...Recent observations of T Tauri stars -- Results from ultraviolet observations of T Tauri stars -- X-ray emission from pre-main sequence stars -- Infrared and molecular line observations of young stars and associated dense gas -- Photometric monitoring...

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Double Stars, Physical Properties and Generic Relations [E-Book] : Proceedings of IAU Colloquium No. 80 held at Lembang, Java, 3–7 June 1983 /
Table of Contents: ...Evolution of Binary Systems and Their Generic Relations. Vainu Bappu Memorial Lecture -- The Importance of Wide-System Studies for Stellar Evolution and Galactic Dynamics -- Duplicity on the Main Sequence -- Binary Statistics and Star Formation...

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Kinematics, Dynamics and Structure of the Milky Way [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Workshop on “The Milky Way” Held in Vancouver, Canada, May 17–19, 1982 /
Table of Contents: ...New Trends in Milky Way Research -- Magnetic Field Strength Measurements in Two Types of Region -- A Photometric Study of the Lower Main Sequences of the Hyades and the Field Stars -- The Coordination of Space and Ground-Based Parallax Programs...

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Activity in Red-Dwarf Stars [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 71st Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Catania, Italy, August 10–13, 1982 /
Table of Contents: ... Chromospheres and Transition Regions of Active Dwarf Stars: What Are We Learning from Recent Observations and Models? (Invited Paper) -- The Structure and Energy Balance in Main Sequence Stars -- The Distribution of Chromospheric Emission Strengths Among Red Dwarfs...

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Binary and Multiple Stars as Tracers of Stellar Evolution [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 69th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Bamberg, F.R.G., August 31 – September 3, 1981 /
Table of Contents: ...I Evolution of Stars in the Post-Main Sequence Stage -- Evolution of Stars in the Post-Main Sequence Stage -- Disk Instabilities in Hubble-Sandage Variables? -- The Frequency of Cepheid Binaries -- Search for Pulsating Stars in Multiple Stellar Systems...

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Effects of Mass Loss on Stellar Evolution [E-Book] : IAU Colloquium no. 59 Held in Miramare, Trieste, Italy, September 15–19, 1980 /
Chiosi, C.
Table of Contents: ... in AG Carinae and a comparison with P Cygni -- Mass loss from hot stars below the main sequence -- On the stellar gravity and effective temperature dependence of the ratio of terminal to escape velocities in stellar winds -- Observational evidences of stellar...

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Introduction to Advanced Astrophysics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...I. Radiative Transfer and Internal Structure of Normal Stars -- 1. Introduction to the Theory of Radiative Transfer -- 2. Elementary Introduction to the Physics of Stellar Interiors -- 3. The Physics of Interiors of the Main Sequence Stars -- II. White...

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Stellar Turbulence [E-Book] : Proceedings of Colloquium 51 of the International Astronomical Union Held at the Universtiy of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada August 27–30, 1979 /
Table of Contents: ... -- Analysis of high resolution stellar line profiles -- Examples of non-thermal motions as seen on the sun -- Diagnostic use of FE II H & K wing emission lines -- Turbulence in main sequence stars -- Observational aspects of macroturbulence in early type stars...

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Nonradial and Nonlinear Stellar Pulsation [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the University of Arizona in Tucson, March 12 – 16, 1979 /
Table of Contents: ... nonlinear study of AI Velorum -- Nonlinear ? Scuti models: The main sequence catastrophe? -- A program to observe very low amplitude radial velocity variations in ? Scuti stars -- Pulsation modes in B stars with variable line profiles -- The stability...

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An Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics [E-Book] : The Formation and the Evolution of Matter in the Universe /
Table of Contents: ....2. Stellar Evolution -- III / The Chemical Composition of the Observable Universe -- III.1. Techniques for Abundance Determination -- III.2. The Abundances of the Elements in the Universe -- III.3. Main-Sequence Peculiar Stars -- IV / Thermonuclear...

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Mass Loss and Evolution of O-Type Stars [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... and the Cassiopeia A progenitor. -- The role of rotation in the evolution of massive stars losing mass. -- Evolution of a 30 Mo star with mass loss. -- Mass conservation and rapid mass loss on the main sequence. -- Session 7 - Evolution with Mass Loss: Double Stars...

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Double Stars [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: .... Eccentric Orbits -- 43. Mass Determinations from the MLR -- 44. On the Origin of Binary Stars -- 45. Mass Transfer After the Main-Sequence Phase -- 46. Binaries of the Type W UMa -- 47. Gas Streams and Hot Spots -- 48. Apsidal Rotation -- 49. Systemic Mass Loss...

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Highlights of Astronomy [E-Book] : Part II As Presented at the XVIth General Assembly 1976 /
Table of Contents: ... Observatory -- The Space Density of M Dwarfs — An Observational Program -- The Luminosity Function of Late-Type Main-Sequence Stars in the Direction of the North Galactic Cap -- Galactic Mass Density in the Vicinity of the Sun -- The Frequency of Faint M Giant...

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Basic Mechanisms of Solar Activity [E-Book] /
Bumba, V.
Table of Contents: ... in the Sun -- On the Dipole-like Progressive Wave in the Photosphere -- 4/Stellar Activity of the Solar Type -- Stellar Activity of the Solar Type. Observational Aspects -- Chromospheric Variations in Main Sequence Stars -- The Internal Structure of the Sun...

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Highlights of Astronomy [E-Book] : As Presented at the XVth General Assembly and the Extra Ordinary General Assembly of the I.A.U. 1973 /
Table of Contents: ... Model Atmospheres Computations -- Stellar Spectroscopy at 1.1 ? -- Open Discussion -- III. Kinematics and Ages of Stars Near the Sun -- Preface -- The Ages of Stars in the Neighbourhood of the Sun -- Gould’s Belt -- Red Variables and Their Main Sequence...

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