Yakir Aharonov

Yakir Aharonov (; born August 28, 1932) is an Israeli physicist specializing in quantum physics. He has been a Professor of Theoretical Physics and the James J. Farley Professor of Natural Philosophy at Chapman University in California since 2008. He was a distinguished professor in the Perimeter Institute between 2009-2012 and is a professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University and at University of South Carolina. He is president of the IYAR, The Israeli Institute for Advanced Research.

In June 2024 he was elected to serve in the Royal Society of London.[https://www.ynet.co.il/environment-science/article/b1oq2tfr0 6] Provided by Wikipedia
The mathematics of superoscillations [E-Book] /
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Quantum coherence and reality: in celebration of the sixtieth birthday of Yakir Aharonov : proceedings of the International conference on fundamental aspects of quantum theory : Columbia, SC, 10.12.92-12.12.92 /