Atsuhiro Osuka

is a research professor of organic chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University (Japan). He is recognized in the fields of porphyrinoid chemistry for his works in extended π-electron systems and its tunable aromatic behaviors.

Osuka has published research concerning extremely long porphyrin arrays, extensively π-conjugated porphyrin tapes, large porphyrin wheels, an antiaromatic porphyrin sheet, porphyrin belts, and porphyrin barrels. He has explored the properties of Meso-aryl expanded porphyrins for its transannular reactions and splitting reactions. He has used meso-aryl expanded porphyrins as a scaffold to study twisted Möbius aromatic and antiaromatic systems.

Osuka introduced a new class of real congeners of contracted porphyrins, which he named subporphyrins. Provided by Wikipedia
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