Modeling indoor air pollution / [E-Book]
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Proceedings of the ASME Heat Transfer Division. 4 : presented at the 1996 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition November 17-22, 1996 Atlanta, Georgia /
Calculation of three-dimensional groundwater transport using second-order moments : a paper for presentation at the international conference on groundwater contamination : use of models in decision-making in the european year of the environment Amsterdam, The Netherlands October 26 - 29, 1987 and for publication in the proceedings [E-Book] /
Transport of nitrate from a large cement based waste form : [E-Book]
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Calculation of particulate dispersion in a design-basis tornadic storm from the Babcock and Wilcox Plant, Leechburg, Pennsylvania : [E-Book]
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Modeling the dispersion of atmospheric pollution using cubic splines and chapeau functions : [E-Book]
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Modeling of time-dependent mesoscale concentrations : [E-Book]