Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas may refer to:

* Daniel Holcombe Thomas (1906–2000), United States federal judge * Daniel Edward Thomas (born 1959), American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church * Daniel M. Thomas, early California politician and pioneer to Los Angeles * Daniel Lleufer Thomas (1863–1940), Welsh magistrate, social reformer, and writer * Daniel Thomas (running back) (born 1987), American football (and Canadian football) running back * Daniel Thomas (safety) (born 1998), American football safety * Daniel Thomas (athlete) (born 1937), Tanzanian Olympic sprinter * Daniel Thomas (''Emmerdale''), a character in the soap opera ''Emmerdale'' * Dan Thomas (infielder), American baseball player * Dan Thomas (outfielder), American baseball player * Dan Thomas (footballer) (born 1991), English football goalkeeper * Dan Thomas (rugby union) (born 1993), Welsh rugby union player Provided by Wikipedia
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