Pokémon Adventures

(vol. 1–9)|Satoshi Yamamoto (vol. 10–)}} |publisher = Shogakukan |publisher_en = |demographic = Children (boys) |imprint = Tentōmushi Comics |magazine = |Sunday Webry |Shogakukan's Separate Grade Learning Magazines }} |first = March 1997 |last = |volumes = 64 |volume_list = List of Pokémon Adventures volumes }}

"Pocket Monsters Special", commonly for short|group=lower-alpha|lead=yes}} is a Japanese manga series based on the ''Pokémon'' media franchise created by video game designer Satoshi Tajiri and managed by The Pokémon Company. Tajiri once stated that the series is closest to how he imagined the universe of ''Pokémon'' to be.

The series is written by Hidenori Kusaka. (真斗) was the illustrator for the first nine volumes. When Mato became ill and was unable to continue illustrating the series, Satoshi Yamamoto took over as the illustrator and still continues as the series' artist.

''Pokémon Adventures'' is translated into English in North America by Viz Media. As of January 2024, 62 volumes have been released, along with mini-volumes collecting arcs from "Black and White" onwards. In Southeast Asia, Singapore publisher Chuang Yi was translating ''Pokémon Adventures'' into English, and continued to translate new volumes up to volume 41. The company, however, entered voluntary liquidation in early 2014 and translation stopped. Shogakukan Asia now handles the series in Singapore. Provided by Wikipedia
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