Moessbauer spectroscopy applied to inorganic chemistry. vol 0001.

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Long, G. J., (editor)
New-York, NY : Plenum Pr., 1984.
XVIII, 667 S.
Modern inorganic chemistry.
Moessbauer spectroscopy applied to inorganic chemistry ; vol 0001.
basic concepts of Moessbauer spectroscopy
Moessbauer spectrometers and calibration
Moessbauer spectroscopy : spectral data and refinement
Moessbauer effect and isomer shifts
Moessbauer spectroscopy: the electric field gradient and the quadrupole interaction
Moessbauer spectroscopy of magnetic systems
Moessbauer spectroscopy: relaxation phenomena for chemists
x-ray and conversion electron Moessbauer scattering
Moessbauer spectroscopy and the coordination chemistry of iron
Moessbauer spectroscopy: spin transition in iron complexes
Moessbauer spectroscopy: applications to biological systems
Moessbauer spectroscopy in heterogenous catalysis
Moessbauer spectroscopy of silicate minerals
Moessbauer spectroscopy: studies of ceramics and archeological materials
Moessbauer spectroscopy: structure and bonding in tin compounds
Au-197 Moessbauer spectroscopy in the characterization of gold compounds
Moessbauer spectroscopy: one- dimensional magnetism

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