Physical properties of amorphous materials : Proceedings of a lecture series held during 1982-83 : Fundamentals of amorphous materials and devices : lecture series : Bloomfield-Hills, MI, 1982-1983.

Saved in:
Adler, D., (editor)
New-York,NY : Plenum Pr., 1985.
XIII, 443 S.
Institute for Amorphous Studies series.
general properties of amorphous materials
chemistry and physics of covalent amorphous semiconductors
fundamentals of amorphous materials
structure of amorphous materials
the constraint of discord
structural studies of amorphous materials
EXAFS of disordered systems
Moessbauer spectroscopy - a probe of morphological structure of semiconducting glasses
dislocation mediated pseudo- melting at silicon/metal interfaces
phonons in amorphous materials
vibrational properties of amorphous solids
electronic structure of amorphous materials
density of states in noncrystalline solids
problems relating to the electronic structure of amorphous semiconductors
nonequilibrium effects in amorphous materials
nonequilibrium transport processes in amorphous and other low conductivity materials
the peculiar motion of electrons in amorphous semiconductors
geminate recombination and injection currents: diagnostics for extended state mobility
light induced effects in hydrogenated amorphous silicon alloys

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