International Conference on Low Temperature Physics : 0018: proceedings. part 02 contributed papers : LT : 0018 part 02: contributed papers : Kyoto, 20.08.87-26.08.87.

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Nagaoka, Y., (editor)
Tokyo : Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 1987.
XXXII S., S.907-1766.
Japanese journal of applied physics ; 26, supplement 3, pt 2.
Low temperature physics: superconductivity
ordinary superconductors
high T(c) superconductors
heavy electron superconductors
magnetic superconductors
disordered superconductors, superconducting films
organic superconductors
Josephson junctions, macroscopic quantum tunneling, network
superlattice, multilayer systems
Low temperature physics: techniques and applications
superconducting materials, flux pinning
Josephson junction
ultralow temperature techniques

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