Materials under irradiation : Summer school materiaux sous irradiation: proceedings : Giens, 16.09.91-25.09.91.

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Dunlop, A., (editor)
Aedermannsdorf : Trans Tech Publ., 1993.
488 S., Anh.
Diffusion and defect data. B ; 30/31.
Solid state phenomena ; 30/31.
radiation effects in solids: a brief history
fundamentals of irradiation effects in materials
basic phenomena of the particle/matter interaction
computer simulations
cooperative processes in alloys under irradiation
irradiation sources
some reflections on accelerators and implanters for irradiation
radiation environments
microscopic and macroscopic effects of irradiation
radiation effects in metals and alloys
irradiation induced defects in semiconductors
radiation effects in oxide glasses
effects of ion bombardment in simple refractory oxides
ion beam modification of organic materials
materials under irradiation: applications and consequences
radiation damage in nuclear fuel materials
radiation effects in radioactive waste storage materials
applications in electronic industry: microelectronic industry
applications in electronic industry: radiation hardening
the modification of mechanical properties of metal alloys by surface treratment using ion beam techniques
food preservation by irradiation: a brief introduction
irradiation effects in anodic oxide films
latent track in the electronic stopping power regime

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