Festkörperreaktionen : Chemie des festen Zustandes.

Solid state reactions

Saved in:
Schmalzried, Hermann.
[Weinheim/Bergstr.] : Verlag Chemie, 1971.
xi, 198 p.
Rev. English version published in 1974 under title: Solid state reactions
introduction to bonding, structure, and imperfections of solids
introduction to solid state reactions
crystal defects
thermodynamics of point defects
chemical diffusion in the solid state
reactions in the solid state - ionic crystals
reactions in the solid state - metals
reactions between solids and gases or between solids and liquids with a solid reaction product (metal oxidation, corrosion, thermal decomposition)
some technologically important solid state reactions (microstructure formation, galvanic cells, photographic process, reduction of iron ores, degradation of ceramic oxides)

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