Theory of imperfect crystalline solids: Trieste lectures 1970 : Lectures presented at an international course at Trieste from 12 January - 10 April 1970, organized by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste.

Saved in:
Vienna : International Atomic Energy Agency, 1971.
608 p.
"Proceedings of the sixth course."
"Addenda and corrigenda": leaf inserted
quantum mechanical techniques in solid state physics
dislocation theory
electron transport phenomena (theory)
theory of impurity states in solids
scattering and resonant states in crystals (theory)
spectroscopy of localized states (theory)
thermodynamics and kinetics of point defects (theory)
basic theory of semiconductor devices
electron theory of alloys
quantum theory at surfaces and interfaces
radiation damage (theory)
order disorder theory

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