Elastic strain fields and dislocation mobility.

Saved in:
Indenbom, Vladimir L., (editor)
Amsterdam : North Holland, 1992.
XIII, 778 S.
Modern problems in condensed matter sciences ; vol 0031.
dislocations and internal stresses
dislocations in continuous elastic media
crystal lattice effects on dislocations
the microscopic theory of cracks
dislocations in anisotropic media
dislocations interacting with surfaces, interfaces or cracks
dislocations emerging at planar boundaries
uniformly moving dislocations, surface waves
dislocation motion over the Peierls barrier
thermally activated glide of a dislocation in a point defect field
dislocation glide and climb
the phonon dislocation interaction and its role in dislocation dragging and thermal resistivity
dislocations in irradiated crystals

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